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Chop Saw Reviews – Recommended Buys

The Chop Saw Reviews are In: Take a Look at These Chop Saw Models!

Reviewing the Makita LS1013FL

Whilst researching the chop saw markets it has become apparent from reading chop saw reviews which ones are considered by most customers to be a good buy. Obviously you can go down to your local DIY shop and browse there to get a good impression of what size and make you think you’re after, but the internet cannot be beaten for gathering information and finding the cheapest prices! If you’re in the market to buy a sliding chop saw, then look no further than the saw made by Makita, or product number LS1013FL. The sliding saw comes with a one-year warranty, has a quiet motor and comes equipped with a 70-tooth blade.  Reviewers found that the saw was comparable to other more expensive models when it came to overall performance and convenience. Able to make exceptionally smooth cuts on boards up to a foot wide, the saw can also take on denser kinds of wood. In addition, the drop saw comes equipped with electronic speed control and a laser guide too. Compared to most brands of the same caliber, this model,  made by Makita, is far less expensive, or about half the cost of the other more costly brands, and  has many of the same features. Seemingly, it only has one functional drawback, and that’s its limited 45-degree bevel. The saw retails online for about $500.

The Ridgid Model 10888 CM 1450

Of course, if you’re in the market for a standard wood chop saw or metal saw, there are plenty of chop saws online. Major brands include Hitachi, the already mentioned Makita, Bosch, DEWALT and Ryobi. For example, Ridgid makes a model (10888 CM 1450) 14-inch Abrasive chop saw. It has a vise that releases quickly, so clamping is made simpler. The ergonomic D-handle on the metal saw supplies a good grip while the adjustment on the fence allows you to set it easily for exact cuts. The metal chop saw features heavy-duty, steel gears, a sturdy motor housing made of cast aluminum with a cast iron base and non-slip feet made of rubber to keep it solid and steady. Cost for the Ridgid model is a little over $200.

DEWALT’s Model #28715

Another 5-star rated chop saw is the DEWALT 14-inch saw (Model #D28715). What’s nice about this chop saw is that it features a keyless blade change system. Therefore, blade changes can be made without difficulty. The 15 amp, 5.5 horsepower motor excels  in performance and supplies more in the way of overload capacity. In addition, the vice permits quick clamping for varied sizes of materials, which results in more efficient and enhanced productivity. The saw includes four drilled holes in its base for easy attachment to workbenches. Its broad, steel base allows the user to cut longer pieces of wood or metal as well. This DEWALT saw is reasonably priced and retails for around $200.

A Versatile, Reliable Tool

A chopping saw is a versatile tool, and the tool of choice for any remodeling or framing work. Abrasive saws are useful in cutting metal studs for drywall framing and wood or miter saws can be used for constructing decks or building outside buildings, such as tree houses and utility sheds.

Read the Reviews

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a carpenter, it’s well worth your while to check out the various saws and chop saw reviews on the Internet. You’re sure to find a chop saw that’s made for your particular woodworking or metal cutting needs.

Apr 11

Industrial Chop Saw: Reviews & Tips

Why an industrial chop saw?

An industrial chop saw is a robust machine that has been developed for demanding tasks of the industry. Designed to realize hard jobs on construction sites, these are great performance devices that provide for accurate and very smooth cuts in no time. Some of the bright highlights of a good industrial chop saw:

Maintenance free

The equipment supplied by the manufacturers of the industrial saws has particularly very long maintenance as well as servicing intervals as they provide us with trouble free devices. Hence, we are relieved from the losses incurred due to the work being stalled, and also from the burden of carrying these for intervals. Most importantly, we are relieved of paying frequent service costs we may have to pay for a bad quality industrial chop saw.

High Reliability

Another promising aspect of these shearing devices is their uncompromising reliability. Working at your jobsite, your industrial chop saw won’t err and your work won’t ever be stalled even for a minute. Instead, the time you save due to faster cuts from good quality industrial saws may be used by you to spend with your family or for relaxing or to make more money by working more!

Low operating costs

The low operating costs of these chop saws play a great role in confirming that the profits are increased to altogether different levels. Hence, every wise person ought to buy these for greater profits.

There are several other great features of an industrial chop saw that makes it profitable for an organization. An industrial chop saw gives a great performance, has a great filter system, lends smooth and fast cuts, and is very convenient to use. Great servicing facilities are offered by the major brands of these saws. These have optimally been equipped to realize all kinds of jobs.

Top three industrial chop saw models

The Bosch 12” dual-bevel glide miter saw has emerged as a great option for woodcutting. This Bosch industrial chop saw is a class product with a very smooth cutting action, and features Bosch’s patented axial-glide system for space spacing. The quick-release square lock flip fences enable easy and accurate material alignment on this industrial chop saw. It has a soft grip handle and comes with a dust bag as well. The miter angles may be adjustable through adjustable miter detents for precise cuts taking this industrial chop saw to the top of its class.

The Makita LS1016L is one of the best professional saws and gives a maintenance free service. Sensational smooth cuts are provided by this industrial chop saw mainly due to the revolutionary sliding system that has been patented by Makita. This system is known as the four rail sliding system. A very powerful motor, dual sliding fence mechanism, a laser tracking system, linear ball bearings, a perfect 10” saw blade, adjustable depth stop, a lock-off button, and the socket wrench have exceptional functions that add to power, safety, and convenience in this industrial chop saw.

The Milwaukee 6180-20 14” industrial chop saw is an abrasive saw and a highly recommended product by professional chop saw reviewers. This industrial chop saw is extremely portable and has a very heavy duty metal base which makes it more than perfect for use in industries. It is perfect for industrial use also because of the unmatched fast cutting speed and large cutting capacity. It has great user comfort aspects such as the D-shaped handle, solid guidance, and light weight. Being very powerful, it is a great industrial chop saw to have speedy cutting operations and save some very useful time in your workshop.

Chop saw reviews

Chop saw reviews are here to deliver the best chop saw you according to your needs and requirements. The invaluable information in these chop saw reviews makes you aware of features, working, performance, reliability, and durability of innumerous types, brands, and models of the chop saws.

Types of chop saws:

Abrasive chop saws: These are generally metal cutting chop saws used for hard metal cuttings, available up to16” blades, cut at only 90 degrees.

Miter chop saws: These are generally used for wood cuttings, available up to 12’ blades, cut up to 45/50 degrees.

But, there is no hard and fast rule to use these chop saws for just a specific material type and purpose. These days, both these types of saws are used to cut both metal and wood.

What features to check out for in chop saw reviews?

Models vary by the manufacturer and the design as seen in the chop saw reviews. But it is the availability of the commonly required features in the chop saws that help us to selecting the best chop saw for us.

Electric brake: It reverses flow of electricity as soon as the trigger of the chop saw is released. It is an extremely essential feature for every chop saw as it helps in slowing the chop saw blade in case of emergency conditions.

Blade guard: In the best models, blade guards are self-retracting and are withdrawn as soon as the chop saw is lowered for some job. These blade guards also reappear when it is being raised.

Laser guide: It gives us an accurate visual line and helps in getting the blade to the exact position where we have to make the cut.

Dust bag: This bag is meant to collect sawdust. This mechanism employed results in a clearer and more productive cutting region.

Shaft lock: The shaft lock is put to immobilize the shaft and the chop saw blade and hence aids in faster and easier chop saw blade changes.

Table extensions: The table extensions allow to work on longer work pieces by mounting on either side of the chop saw table and thus balancing them perfect.

Steel: A steel chop saw is generally inexpensive and very good for cutting the soft woods or the ply woods. But, if we use them for tougher materials, the sharpness of the blades decreases gradually.

High-Speed Steel: These are a bit more rugged than the normal steel blades. Hence, these are better for cutting through harder woods.

Carbide-Tipped: The carbide tipped blades are more expensive than the simple chop saw blades. But, at the same time, these are more durable and maintain their sharpness for a greater period of time.

Golden rule parallel with the chop saw reviews.

A bargain is supposed to leave you in profit, but bargaining in chop saws may turn out very expensive, as the low priced chop saw blades from lower brands may wear out soon, and apart from the need of purchasing a new chop saw blade, your work will be stalled. Thus, a bargain may result in double and drastic loss!

So always go for good brands as these ensure a longer product life, greater power in the machine, and are very safe to use in your workshop. Choose one of the top power tool brands such as Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi, DEWALT, Bosch, Ryobi, and STIHL.

Chop saw reviews: Don’t skip them.

Chop saw reviews help us to select the best for us in the longer run. We may get information regarding some of the chop saw models by going to stores. But, it is a very time consuming job and doesn’t throw light on every aspect of the product. Only these accurate chop saw reviews by professionals help you in the best way. Cho saw reviews on all quality models are available on this website and also on some of the online retail websites like amazon.com. So, never buy a chop saw without going through the very informative chop saw reviews of the model you are going for. Don’t take any chance. Stay safe!