What Are The Best Chop Saw Brands?

Chop Saw Brands: The Makita Chop Saw and other Superior Brands

The “Power” Advantage

Obviously when deciding what type of chop saw you are after you need to decide in advance what type of use you’ll put it to. Whether it be weekend fair weather only, or regular professional, this will be the main influencer on the model you’ll end up getting. Gone are the days when carpenters had to depend solely on the use of manual saws in order to accomplish a task. Although you can still use hand tools, such as crosscut saws, miter saws, hack saws and compass saws, it’s best to rely on power for heavy-duty tasks.

Versatile Uses

Brands, such as the Makita chop saw line, offer carpenters and individuals in the construction trade an efficient and quick way to cut rebar, molding, trim, 2x4s and metal studs for framing. For example, you can use a chop saw to make cuts for crown molding, moldings for interior door and window trims, lattice molding, cove molding as well as baseboards. Therefore, with a precision wood saw, you are able to make the appropriate cuts so pieces fit snugly and precisely to cover rough edges as well as joints and irregular contacts of wood or plaster.

Quick and Precise

The Bosch chop saw line, for example, offers a number of superior saws. Used in a number of cutting applications, such saws are well-suited to jobs where a large number of pieces of wood or metal are needed in a short amount of time. For example, the saws are ideal for framing jobs, where time is a crucial element. They not only cut frames at lightning speed, but are also designed to make precise cuts as well.

Wood vs. Metal

Needless to say, any wood or metal chop saw is an essential tool, especially in the construction industry and carpentry trade. The chop saw is typically manufactured to cut wood or metal. A wood saw and metal saw work in different ways. While a wood chop saw is designed to cut through wood with a toothed, metal blade, a metal chop saw uses an abrasive blade and grinds through the metal piece. Therefore, it’s important to distinguish between wood and metal chop saws as they are each used for different and distinct purposes.

The Abrasive Saw

Because it has an abrasive blade, a metal chop saw is also known as an abrasive saw. The disc blades for the saw wear our quite quickly; therefore, they must be replaced on a pretty routine basis. However, they do make any metal cutting work easier and can also be used to cut ceramic tile and related materials. They are light-weight and portable too.

Uses for Chop Saws

You can switch between using a wood chop saw and metal chop saw, depending on the job. While you can use a wood chop saw for such home projects as building decks or installing fences or trim, you can use the metal kinds of chop saws for cutting pipe for home or commercial plumbing and metal studs for interior framing. The Hitachi chop saw line, like the previously-mentioned manufacturers, is a superior brand to choose for sawing through metal or wood. Choose a saw for your workroom. It can easily be attached to a workbench or removed and transported if necessary.

The Internet is teeming with wood and metal chop saws. Select from such brands, as Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Ryobi , DEWALT and Ridged to make sure that you buy the best saw for the money.

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